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When the pastor makes an altar call during a Sunday morning service I often think back to the moment when I first felt the Holy Spirit tug on my heart to take the walk down the isle. I believe that when we, as believers, can remember our own alter moment, we will build up our own spirits as well as the spirits of other. You see we should never forget where we came from, we should never forget how far God has brought us.

When I think back to my altar moment I think back two years, on April 10th 2016. At the time my life was a mess; I was lonely, I was broken, I was lost. I tried everything the world had to offer me and none of it cured me, my last resort was Jesus. I went to church that morning not knowing what to expect, not knowing if I would feel any better after, or if my life would look any different, but I went in search the love that only Jesus could provide me.

I remember weeping the whole twenty minute drive to the building, weeping as I walked through the parking lot and through the lobby, weeping as I found myself a seat in the back of the sanctuary, weeping during worship, weeping during service, and finally the alter call came. As the pastor called people down to the front I stood at my seat, my heart was heavy and I wondered if God was real; I wondered if His power would really heal me. After a few moments I finally took those steps to the front of the room and I wept all the more.

As a lady held me on her shoulder tears fell down my face, she led me in a prayer that made me feel as if bricks were lifted off my chest and the heavy chains were broken. I had never felt so free. As I left the altar I was stopped multiple times and loved on by several people (to many to count,) and I began to feel a love that I had never experienced before in the world. The love of Jesus himself pouring out through His people. From that day forward I never looked back, I pursued the Lord, my Father, with all my heart and I have no intentions on slowing down.

On Sunday mornings now, when the pastor makes an altar call I think back to where I was on April 10th 2016, and I see all that the Lord has done for me. And a realization comes to me; what He did for me, is what he is about to do for all these people who are in the altar and my faith is built up. Whether you have been saved since you were a child or got saved a few days ago there is joy is knowing what God has brought you through and there is joy in knowing what He will bring other through.

Accepting Jesus into my heart and living for Him is the absolute best decision I have ever made. I never want to forget that moment. I never want to forget the mess I was in, and I never want to forget how He saved me.

Now, I challenge you to remember.




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