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Tough Topics

Season one of The Dare You To Love Podcast is titled Tough Topics for its raw conversation on confrontational, awkward, and real world conversations that churches typically avoid. Host Victoria Holloway was joined with several different guest speakers to discuss things like church hurt, racism, toxic masculinity, purity culture and much more. 


A list of all the guests and topics are provided below. 

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How To Access Season One

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Episode Details

Overcoming Church Hurt with Jason Hayes

Jason and I go way back! And while we haven't been through the worst of the worst, we have seen the church do it wrong in many ways. It is an unfortunate reality that Jason and I's stories are not the only ones of deep pain caused by God's people. 


In this two part episode we talk about our personal experiences and how God helped heal us from our hurt overcome the devastation that was left on us by those who were supposed to love us the most. 

Jason is a talented service producer, aspiring writer, and all around great guy. I'm very honored to know him and have him on the show. 


Broken But Worthy with Hannah Weaver

I met Hannah Weaver in college while both studying children's ministry. I vividly remember her telling me that her three greatest passions in life were children's ministry, raising mental health awareness, and makeup. And let me tell you, she's amazing at all three. 

In this episode Hannah and I break down some of our own struggles with mental health. And break away from one of the biggest lies in all of Christian history... that you do not have to be perfect in order for God to love you. 

Hannah is a children's pastor, a spoken word artist, a mental health advocate, and an amazing friend. 


Girl Power with Leya Fields

Leya Fields is a 24 year old, powerhouse women and all around girl boss who is balancing being a full time wife and mom, working full time, hosting her own podcast titled Lets Sit With Her, and taking college courses for a nursing program. 

She is an advocate for young black women and uses her platforms to create an atmosphere where black women feel encouraged, loved, & heard.

In this episode we take the time to discuss feminism and what it means to the church. Feminism has become a dirty word in our society associated with politics and social constructs but Leya and I want to take this women empowerment movement and add the love of Jesus in the mix.


Black Lives Matter with Hope Dennis

At just 19 years of age, Hope has proven to be a leader among nations. After being the head leader of her high school's FCA she went on to study christian leadership and sociology at Belmont University in Nashville where she is also a young adults and worship pastor.  

Using her studies in leadership and sociology, Hope is also a activist for the Black Lives Matter movement (movement meaning different from organization) 

and has led multiple, successful, peaceful protests and has helped make substantial difference in her local communities. 

In this two part episode we dive into the difficulties of being black in America and what the church is doing wrong in its not so productive efforts to support their own congregations.

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Gen Z & Jesus with Maurice and Rielly

Whether you graduated high school a few months ago or several years ago, we all know remember what it was like to be a teenager. But although we remember what it was like to go to football games with friends, stress over exams, and eat bad cafeteria food - we adults often forget the trials of what it was like to be in high school.

Maurice and Rielly are two high school students, but they are no ordinary teenagers. They both have publicly proclaimed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. In this episode, the three of us sit down to discuss what its like to be so public with their faith at such a young age, what they wish adults would be more understanding of, and what it's really like being a part of Generation Z. 

Parents, youth pastors, and everyone in between... I urge you to take a listen to these young world changers.


Freedom In Forgiveness with Victoria Holloway

Forgiveness is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. It's extremely easy to hold onto grudges and its also very easy to not allow yourself to move on from the hurt someone has caused you. 

On this solo episode I decided to speak completely from the heart on a topic that is very close to me. I share some personal experiences with forgiveness and how God worked through my own failures to bring healing and freedom through the very difficult task of forgiveness. I hope you enjoy the vulnerability and rawness of this episode.


Toxic Masculinity with Brendan Glockson

Brendan Glockson is a visual marketing coordinator and owner of the clothing brand, Robbies Road, which launched in November of 2020. He studied pastoral leadership within young adults ministry in college and has it own podcast called Random Talks which is available on Spotify and YouTube. He loves making people laugh, expressing himself, and experiencing the joy that life has to offer.

In this two part episode, Brendan sits down to talk with me about toxic masculinity, the need for the church to promote healthy masculinity, and examples of what healthy masculinity looks like. 


Health & Fitness with Theresa Thomas

In this episode I sit down with fitness guru & and close friend Theresa Thomas to discuss what it really means to live a healthy lifestyle, how to obtain your goals, and what the body of Christ can do to encourage one another to lead healthy lives. 

Theresa is studying for her certification in personal training and aspires to train full time as well as compete as a Bikini Bodybuilder. Theresa competed in her first competition in 2019, which she won first place, earning her Pro Card! Theresa is passionate about fitness and loves to see people transform into who God has called them to be. 


The Spirit Of Offense with Nate Bozeman

In this episode Nate and I break down what offense really is, where it is rooted, and how to remove it from your life.

Nate is a radio host at Victory 9.15, a Christian radio station located in Cumming, Ga. If you want to hear him live, you can tune in Monday-Friday from 2pm-7pm in your car or on the MOR Music app! He is also a public speaker with a ministry leadership certification, a real estate license, and genuine love for real conversation. Nate is working on writing his first book, and is passionate about changing the world through spreading the gospel through meaningful dialogue.


The Least Of These with Tina Holloway

In this episode I am joined by a very special guest, my mom, Tina Holloway, to share her testimony as a mother of a daughter with special needs. In part one, we tell some stories of what our family has experienced in church.

Tina has been married to her husband for almost 30 years and had three children. Her third child was born with a disability and Tina is her full time care giver. Tina also works along side her husband at a business he began in 1989. She loved to support organizations that she believes in, spending time with family, camping, and being at the beach. 


Am I Good Enough? with Karlee Wright

On today's episode I'm joined with my sista from another mista, Karlee Wright! And we're talking all about self love, going over practical ways to love yourself and diving in deeper to discuss what we need to do to guard our hearts. 

Karlee is a 23 year old, Missouri native who is currently the manager of a local gym but has dreams to own her own publishing agency in the future. She loves Scooby-Doo, penguins, and lego video games, and she has a talent is saying the alphabet backwards!


Purity Culture with Montana Doran

In this episode, Montana and I discuss the affects of the purity culture movement, how sex is portrayed in churches today, double standards with different genders, soul ties, and much more! 

Montana Doran is a content creator, podcaster, and comedian that focuses on personal growth and development. With a degree in psychology, she uses multiple platforms to comedically engage with her audience to share tools that have helped her along the way. Montana started the Tana Talks Podcast in 2020. After her own healing journey, she is a big believer that every person’s story matters and has the ability to change someone else’s life. Her life mission is to empower others to use their voice to impact those around them.


Friendship 101 with Travis Bledsoe

In this episode, I'm joined with one of my best friends, Pastor Travis, to discuss how to be a good friend, how to recognize friendship red flag, and what it truly means to love your neighbor. 

Travis Bledsoe JR. is a children's pastor at Renovate Church in Dade City, FL. He is recently married to his best friend, Angela. And just launched a gaming channel on YouTube called  Switch Fix and will be posting videos soon. Travis admittedly loves his life and those who are in it. 

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