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Beauty From Ashes

Season two of The Dare You To Love Podcast is titled Beauty From Ashes where guests come on to share how God turned a terrible situation into something beautiful.


This season, Victoria decided to film each episode to post on YouTube! These episodes are very touching so she also decided to no longer post in parts (part 1 & part 2) because she believes the stories deserve to be told in its entirety.

Ten episodes, ten guests, ten amazing testimonies about God's goodness. 

A list of all the guests and topics are provided below.


How To Access Season Two

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Episode Details

Rare Treasures with Crystal Anderson

Starting off season two of the Dare You To Love Podcast is none other than Crystal Anderson! 🎉🎉 Crystal will be sharing her incredible testimony of the adoption of her son, John Rudy, from Haiti and the trials their family faced with his physical and spiritual health.

Crystal has been married to her husband, Scott, for thirty three years and together they have five children - four biological and one adopted. Crystal enjoyed the years she homeschooled and taught at a classical academy but now that all her children are grown she works at a Mission Board in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Crystal began writing, speaking, and blogging a few years ago after the loss of her son to tell her story and help others through the joys and sorrows of life. 


My Redeemer Lives with Jordan Torres

On this weeks episode Jordan Torres shares her experience with being exposed to pornography at the young age of eleven, how she has dealt with the addiction for many years, and how God has shown her His redeeming love for us. 

Jordan encountered the love of Jesus four years ago and has never been the same since. The love of God radically changed the trajectory of her life forever. Because of His redemption, she is now married to the man of her dreams and on staff at the very ministry school that God used to change her life. Because of the healing and freedom she found through God and counseling, she is heading back to school to earn her degree in counseling. She longs to see people not only saved, but set free and having fun along the way.


Standing At The Gates Of Insanity with Ian Arnold

This week on The Dare To Love Podcast, Ian Arnold shares how God helped him out of a severe and life threatening alcohol addiction, his personal experience with hitting rock bottom, and how God met him at his lowest moment. 

Ian is a forty-three year old recovering alcoholic and child of the living God. He is the loving father of three daughters Avery, Aubrey, and Alyssa. As a recovering alcoholic, Ian realized that he tried to throw it all away but The Lord had a different plan for him. 


The Lord Has The Final Say with Misty Candelaria 

On this week’s episode of The DYTL Podcast, Misty Candelaria shares her heart touching story of how God helped her through financial issues and the loss of her late husband, Emmanuel.  Her testimony is full of love and sacrifice and how God works through it all.

Misty is a Georgia native and works for Avondale Mortgage as a mortgage loan originator. She has six beautiful bonus children ages ten to twenty-seven and her fur baby, Blue. Her greatest passion is helping and serving others. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Ray, her family & friends and loves the weekend and special spa days. 

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The Night I Pulled The Trigger with Mancini Morales

TW: suicide, suicide attempt, suicidal ideation


On today’s episode hear the incredible testimony of Mancini Morales who spent many of his adolescent years being bullied both at school and online as well as enduring physical abuse at home, all which led him to his lowest moment and his telling on how God met him in the most unexpected way.


Mancini is a twenty-five year old youth and young adults pastor at Echo Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. The three things he says he cannot live without are his friends and family, coffee, and funny internet videos.


Worth The Wait with Shemaiah Compton

This week on the Dare You To Love Podcast, Shemaiah Compton shares her story on being a single mom and the challenges she faced raising her son after the traumatic loss of her boyfriend, Mike. She opens up to us about how she learned to trust God through her questions and how God sent her someone who was worth waiting for.

Shemaiah is a wife to her husband, Christopher, mother to her son, Jaylen, and an elementary school teacher. She loves to encourage others to be their greatest selves. 


This week, Marianne Southerland shares the trials she faced as a mother when she miscarried her son, Eli, during the peak of the Coronavirus outbreak. She shares with us her raw emotion on something all believers have experienced: serving God with all your mind, heart, and spirit; but also questioning why he allowed bad things to happen to us. Marianne’s testimony is a touching example of what it means to have a relationship with God. 

Marianne Southerland is originally from a small town in Virginia and moved to Gainesville, GA from Raleigh, NC five years ago. She and her husband, Blake, have a 1 1/2 year old son, Leeds, and a baby girl, Rhodes. Marianne is a Wealth Management Advisor and the President of Inked Ministry. In her free time, Marianne enjoys interior design, community service outreach, spending time with her family, and cooking all the foods for whoever wants to come hang! Marianne is passionate about bringing the heart of Christ to people in the most authentic and vulnerable way. 


Why Did God Let Me Down? with Marianne Southerland

Gripped By Fear with Joey Holloway

On this week's episode Victoria is joined by a very special guest, her dad, Joey Holloway who will be sharing what led him to start his business back in 1989 and all the trials he has faced over the years he has been in business.

Joey is a husband to his best friend, Tina, a girl dad, and business owner of Mobile Hydraulics. He has successfully ran his company for over thirty years and has experienced many ups and downs as a business owner. He wishes to share his experience with as many people as possible so he can share all that God has done in his personal life and in his business. For fun Joey like to ride his Indian Motorcycle & recreationally fly airplanes.


Defined With Purpose with Crysta Marshall

TW: Sexual Assault


On this week’s episode, Crysta Marshall shares her family's testimony of how God helped her turn one the biggest nightmare a parent can face into a non-profit organization to help hundreds of other families. She opens up about the trauma her family has endured and God’s faithfulness through it all. 

Crysta Marshall is the founder of Defined With Purpose, a faith-based non-profit organization that walks those who have experienced significant trauma and sexual abuse from the place of disclosure, all the way to the place of healing.  DWP does this through mentorship, parental support groups, as well as covering the costs of therapy and legal fees, while advocating for the families and being there through the hard times.  Crysta is the wife to her husband, Aaron Marshall and together, they have 3 children.  In her free time, Crysta enjoys traveling, and hanging with her family.   


I Met God In Prison with Ryann Cushway

On the season finale of The Dare You To Love Podcast, Victoria is joined by Ryann Cushway to share his incredible Beauty From Ashes testimony of how God took a broken nineteen year old drug dealer and turned his life completely around and sent him on a path to help others who feel there is no hope. 

Ryann is a forty-five year old man married to his wife of fifteen years and together they have two children. At the age of nineteen, Ryann was told that he was “scum of society,” while facing three life sentences, two death sentences, or two hundred and sixty five years in prison for drug and other related charges. But God had other plans for him. Ryann has lived the last twenty-five years of his life serving The Lord, being a good husband and father, stewarding God’s blessings, and serving alongside many different Christain organizations including: multiple different prison ministries in the state of Georgia, Knee Benders, Celebrate Recovery, Three Dimensional Life & Trail Life Troop. He and his wife started their own outreach ministry called Boots On The Ground Ministries, where they serve the homeless and in need communities in their area. Ryann and his family also regularly volunteer at their local church in many different capacities. 

After Ryann’s release from prison, he graduated with an Associates in Motorsports Technologies and is now working on his Bachelor’s for Mechanical Engineering. Professionally, he has worked in the metal fabrication industry, working his way up from a welder to a CNC machinist, programmer, and now an Engineer. Whenever Ryann is not working or serving his community he is enjoying life by riding his motorcycle, scuba diving, skydiving, or training for obstacle course racing. Ryann has taken his second chance and lived his life to the fullest. 

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