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Bonus Episodes

In between seasons we will occasionally share some audio only bonus content for your enjoyment and personal growth on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, & Stitcher. 


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A list of all the guests and topics are provided below.

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How To Access Bonus Episodes

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Audio Episode Details

Redefining Ministry with Marie Swedberg

Victoria is joined with Marnie Swedberg to share an encouraging conversation about staying steadfast in your walk with God throughout your life of ministry. 

Marnie is a life coach and keynote speaker who encourages Godly women worldwide with connections, collaborations, and coaching. Marnie circumnavigates the globe online and in-person, bringing perspective transformation, deep spiritual healing, and hope that helps women reach women for Christ. She is the author of 13 books, host of a #1 ranked and featured Blog Talk Radio Show and the founder/director of

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